Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I have found my drink for fall. I stole it directly from Shar on The Spirit. Normally I use drink recipes as a jumping off point. I assume I know what I will like better than the mixologists or whatever they call themselves. I usually change the name of the cocktail because, again, I know better.

But when I read about the Soothsayer, a drink with bourbon, maple syrup, lemon, sage and St. Elizabeth's All Spice Dram, I couldn't think of a thing I wanted to change. Well, except this called for Basil Hayden Bourbon, which sounds great, but I didn't have a bottle on hand. I substituted with Templeton Rye.

Oddly enough, I did have a bottle of St. Elizabeth's All Spice Dram. I saw it at the liquor store and thought, "I like spices; I like the word 'dram'; I like being frivolous with my limited funds." And so it was mine.

Soothsayer means prognosticator. You probably already knew that--I didn't. Soothsayer sounds soothing and mystical--both qualities of this drink. Prognosticator sounds like something you'd have to take your pants off for at the doctor's office. So, the name Soothsayer stays. I foresee a lot more of these in my future.