Saturday, April 18, 2009

Blood Mary with Beer Back

I like to go to the Des Moines Yacht Club for lunch on Saturdays. In case you are wondering, no Des Moines doesn't have an ocean, or even a big lake, but it has a Yacht Club and that is good enough for me.

I like making my own drinks, but I also like it when others make them for me. Especially when they get it right like the folks at the Yacht Club. Notice they gave me three olives and a pickle. And you can't see it because I couldn't wait and took a bite, but there's celery in there too--crunchy green celery.

The full bottle of Miller High Life as a beer back was my idea. It's not even 2:00 and I've had my full allotment of vegetables for the day. 

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Drinking a mimosa or two is a great way to start the day and so I decided it is also a great way to start a blog about life and drinking.

It’s a celebratory drink and reflects a desire to have fun and be a little extravagant—concepts I hope to capture in Glass Half Full. Its parts are great on their own—orange juice is great, champagne is great, but there is some alchemy involved with you put them together. In Glass Half Full I won’t only discuss alcoholic drinks. I’ll cover all beverages and I’ll also spend a lot of time discussing the magic that happens when you mix things together.

And finally, the fact that I’m not opposed to drinking in the morning will go a long way towards explaining the off-topic rants I’m sure to go on in the course of this blog. So cheers and welcome to Glass Half Full.