Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Salty Dog

I’m inspired by my friends. They are talented and witty and going places. Trying to keep up with them instead of--I'll just admit it--being jealous of them, drives me to drink.

My most recent inspiration came from @sewzinski. Not only is she an incredible artist (check out her shop on Etsy), now she’s trying to get all healthy. When she mentioned how she was eating grapefruit to infuse her body with grapefruity goodness, I was inspired to make a Salty Dog.

Here’s a little lesson on the Salty Dog:

Vodka mixed with grapefruit juice is known as a Greyhound. I don’t know why. If you add salt to the rim of the glass, the Greyhound becomes a Salty Dog. When I really want to annoy the bartender at The Filling Station (bar in Des Moines with fresh squeezed juice drinks), I order a Screwhound. A Screwhound is vodka, orange juice, and grapefruit juice.

I made the Salty Dog pictured by juicing two ruby red grapefruit and adding some Tito’s vodka. I mixed salt and pink sanding sugar to rim the glass. I garnished with a zest of grapefruit. I feel healthier just drinking it.

Warning: I’ve read that grapefruit has some interaction with anti-depressants and makes it so they don’t work. But who needs anti-depressants when you have grapefruit juice and vodka?

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