Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not Just for the Boys: Beer in the Shower

After working outside or just being outside on a hot summer day, when you are getting ready to go someplace in the late afternoon that you may not really want to go to, or in the morning before work (just kidding), there is nothing like taking a cold can of beer in the shower with you.

You don't even have to remember to take it into the shower with you. If my man finds himself in the shower without a beer, it's okay for him to holler, "Honey will you bring me a beer?" You know what? Yes, I will bring you a beer because that is just so cool.

TV commercials would have you believe that women don't want to bring you a beer in the shower. Women, it seems, don't even want you to drink beer. They want you to sit around while they shop. They get angry when they want to "vent" about their hard day at the office and you want to "vent" by drinking.

My advice for all my single guy friends, find yourself a women who will bring you a beer in the shower and not think twice about it. Oh, and be willing to do the same for her.


  1. Appropriately posted at 6:49am. Sweet!

  2. The first legal beer I ever bought was consumed in the shower in Montreal. You were right. It tasted completely awesome.

  3. Think of how many marriages could be saved if more couples had this information. Perhaps you should start a companion blog with marital advice! What drink goes best with an argument about money, yet another discussion about vacuuming, or deciding who's gonna take the kids to clown camp??