Monday, July 20, 2009

Texas Mule

The Moscow Mule is one of my favorite summer drinks. I've been drinking them for years at The Alpine Tap Room. 

Moscow Mules are made with vodka, ginger beer and citrus fruit. They are usually served in copper mugs because they are colder and better that way.

When you order a Moscow Mule at the Alpine, Frankie, Dean or Jimmy will ask for your drivers license so that you won't be tempted to steal the mug. That is unless you are a regular, like me. My new favorite game at the Alpine is to wait until someone orders a Moscow Mule and forks over a drivers license. Then I walk up right in front of this person and ask for a Mule and watch the person's expression as it is handed right to me, no questions asked. 

Once again, I will be telling you people things you already know, but the reason they are called Moscow Mules is because of the vodka, which is typically Russian. I'm not sure, but I think the "mule" part of the moniker comes from the fact that if you drink too many of these, you'll feel like you've been kicked in the head by one.

When I drink these at home, I use Tito's Vodka. Way back on my post about the Lavender Zinski, I mentioned Tito's Vodka and promised to tell you more at a later time. Well, now is that time. Tito's Vodka (I'm hoping if I write it three times it will magically appear in my liquor cabinet) is "handcrafted" in Austin, TX. They tell you all about it on their web site. You can also get a free belt buckle and a certificate stating you are an official Tito's Taster.

Tito's is so good. It doesn't have that vodka burn. It makes me dreamy and nice, where other vodkas tend to make me angry and mean. Plus, it doesn't cost that much.

The drink pictured above is a Texas Mule because I made it with Tito's and Bundaberg Ginger Beer. I think the picture has a happy, hazy feeling representing how I feel when I drink these. It is served in one of my very own copper mugs. I didn't steal the mug from the Alpine, but I could have, because they never ask for my driver's license.


  1. In lieu of stealing from already-under-enough-BS bar owners, you cn most likely get the mugs localy from restaurant supply places like Bolton Hay or Iowa-Des Moines Supply. Google it!

  2. I need some more Tito's in my life. I need to get a supply in. Ingersoll? Let me know where you get yours. Also, I think your an amaing writer, but your blog drives me bonko, because it makes me wish I was on your porch drinking everytime a read it. I will now drink more Tito's vodka in hopes of becoming as dreamy as you.:)

  3. Also, it always looks like I've been drinking a boatload when I post comments on here. I just never read them after I write them. Really, I'm not THAT drunk ALL the time. only a little drunk some of the time. P.S. I want to make t-shirts and start a fan club for GHF. Your fanbase on Twitter grows stronger by the day.
    ALSO---- HI

  4. Erich says, per Heather's suggestion, that he has logos in the works...
    I tend to avoid Vodka, as well b/c it seems to make me angryish, maybe slightly violent, too, but now I may just have to give Tito's a try. mch

  5. I've wanted to ask for a logo, so that's cool. You can try the Tito's in the safe confines of the lanai to see if you like it.