Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Book Club & Blue Margaritas

Last night was book club night. We went to a Mexican joint where we ended up being one of two book clubs meeting there. We were definitely the coolest book club. Our gracious host not only picked a good book, Canone Inverso by Paolo Maurensig, she treated us to appetizers and margaritas. Our second pitcher of margaritas was blue.

I promised I'd do a little research and explain what made them blue. We knew it was Blue Curacoa. K was correct that it is pronounced kyur-ə-ˌsō. It's basically orange liquor with blue coloring added. 

We all agreed that it was sweeter than our pitcher of regular old green margaritas. I have a couple of theories on that, just like we had a couple of theories on the book. It could be that because they need to add enough of the blue curacoa to make the drink visibly blue, they added more of the sweeter blue curacoa and less of the tart tequila. Or, it could be that looking at something blue plays a trick on your mind and makes you think that it is sweet. Either way, somebody sold their soul to the devil. Sorry, couldn't resist a little book club inside joke. 

Although I hated the artificial color of the Hurricane, for some reason I like the concept of blue curacoa making drinks blue. I'm going to track down a couple more blue drinks and tell you about them in future posts. Until then, what do you think of blue drinks?


  1. Hypnotiq is pretty.

  2. Blue is fine, it's like you are boldly drinking a fruity drink and you don't give a mad ass f*ck who sees you. But with red or pink drinks, people don't know if you're ironically drinking a fruity drink or if the razzmopolitan is your drink of choice.

  3. Ever try the electric blue cream soda at the Raccoon River Brewery in Des Moines?

  4. No, but it sounds great! Thanks for the tip.