Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jar Half Full?

This is a repurposed, upcycled. . .okay, let's just be honest, it's an old jar now used to hold beer. When I first saw my husband walking around the house using a jar as a glass, I was annoyed. We have more than enough nice glasses. More than enough.

But then I decided to embrace this whole concept of jars as glasses and maybe take it to the next level. First, we put the jars in the freezer. The only thing better than drinking out of an old jar is drinking out of a frosty old jar.

Next, I found myself at the grocery store actually choosing my food products based on what would make the best jar glass. The one shown in this picture is a current favorite. Once a former holder of sport peppers (sport peppers are one of the things that make a Chicago Dog a Chicago Dog), this jar glass is tall and easy to hold on to.

This whole concept appeals to my need to always have more more more without seeming materialistic and greedy. For example, if I have 20 jar glasses, it's okay because I've recycled them. With every drink from a jar glass I prove I'm a good earthy person. I also justify my growing jar glass collection because I don't like drinking from plastic cups or requiring my guests to drink from plastic cups. With a jar glass your guests don't have to worry about breaking a family heirloom. Although I've got to say that if at this point you broke sport pepper jar glass, I'd be bummed.

What do you think about jar glasses? If you came to my house and got your drink served to you in a frosty jar, would you be creeped out?


  1. Regarding jar glasses - No not as long as the jar didn't have some old ketchup reside on the lip....

    Bring it on. Beer tastes good(okay any alcohol) out of any frosty container.

  2. I like the heft and feeling of nostalgia the glass jar provides. Whose nostalgia I don't know, I didn't grow up drinking out of jars. And when your drinking vessel is kind of weighty it makes whatever you're drinking a little more special.

  3. Did it. Loved it. Also would highly recommend the New Belgium Sunshine Wheat 2009. Crisp and clean. Food pairings avail on their site, but I say hoppy cock - it goes best with a cold jar and morning dew.

  4. At Target the other day, I came across some mason jar glasses with handles in the picnic section. Made me think of you and the blog!

    (this is hswell's co-worker Courtnee, btw.)