Friday, May 22, 2009

It's okay to mix in a water. . .

I'm home from work and getting ready for the three-day weekend. I've been to the liquor store where I made some great purchases. 

However, I'm currently drinking a glass of cold water. Why? Because as a wise friend said to me during a day of drinking and watching the NCAA tournaments, "It's okay to mix in a water."

We all know the benefits of drinking water, so I won't bore you by rehashing them here. I will take this opportunity to discuss the glass from which I'm drinking my water. 

It's the Marta Cooler from CB2 and it's the best. When I'm not drinking from old jars, I'm most likely drinking from the Marta Cooler or Double Old Fashioned. I bought mine on a recent trip to Chicago. They are cheap, so you can get enough of them and replace every mismatched, less than perfect glass in your cabinet. 

There will be more posts this weekend because obviously I'll be drinking, and when I do I'll try to remember to share it with you. Have a great holiday weekend and don't forget to mix in a water.


  1. A wise person once said, "Be care ful what you wish for." Or maybe they were English and said, "Be careful for what you wish." Either way, you're going to get more comments from me than you want.

    I, too, considered my glass stash yesterday while CJ and I were looking at old baby pics and came across one of my previous kitchen shelving. Seeing all that color laid out for anyone who happened by made me sad for the old rooster glasses Johnny & Joanna a lefton my back step, the old orange slice glasses I got from Lorrie and the Canadian Mountie souvenir glass Julie broke. I feel a sense of clarity when I'm only dealing with a finite matching stash, but I feel giddy when I see a jumble of junk.

  2. I agree. I wrote this like I just went through and replaced all my glasses with these new sleek beauties, but knowing I would feel the same nostalgia you're feeling, I boxed them up so I could get them out someday when I wanted that jumble of junk. I've made the mistake of getting rid of glasses at garage sales and stuff and I miss everyone of them.

  3. I've been hydrating in anticipation for the holiday weekend. Now, after getting caught up on your posts, I think I'm going to have that PBR the beer fairy left in my fridge!