Monday, May 25, 2009

Rock Me Like A Hurricane

Today is Memorial Day. About 1:00 I started dreading the work week ahead. I wanted to feel like I'd accomplished something over the three-day weekend so I started cleaning my kitchen cupboards. I found Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Mix. I don't know why I have it, but I've had it for years. I decided rather than throw it out, I'd mix up a Hurricane and see if it could push off the work dread feeling for a few hours longer.

Now I know this blog is called "Glass Half Full" and the title suggests positivity, but I have nothing positive to report about the Hurricane experience. It's a classic example of the type of drink I don't like. It's super sweet with no pay off.  And did you see what it did to my counter? I cut my losses, dumped it down the drain and opened a beer.


  1. Bad hurricane - bad, bad!

  2. It truly is a drink that sounds better than it tastes. -Cindunlow