Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ice Orb Baby

We now get to one of the main reasons for this blog's existence. . . sweet, sweet, justification. Now that I actually need to post things about drinking, I also need to buy things that support my drinking. 

Ice is a very important and often overlooked component of the whole drinking experience. Ever since a friend shared the "Ice Snobs" article with me, I've been obsessed with getting the whole ice thing right. 

I have an old refrigerator that does not have an ice maker. Which is fine with me because I think ice from automatic ice makers sometimes tastes funny. I've also never had much luck with those things. Is it just me? It seems every time I start to use one the host runs up to me explaining that it doesn't work. 

When I have guests coming over, I try to buy ice at the store and put it out in several ice buckets in strategic locations around the house. But it gets expensive to buy all that ice. I've also read the bigger traditional cubes actually keep a drink colder longer than the smaller store-bought cubes. 

I've done some research, and I think the Ice Orb is going to solve all my problems. And now, I have a reason to order one. Actually, I think I'll get two. Thanks Glass Half Full. 

P.S. Reading through this post, I feel like it has a very Andy Rooney quality to it. My apologies. 


  1. wow...that ice orb seems very cool. I want it. However, I don't need more items to buy just based on the "cool factor". Yeah, bad pun. Very bad. I'm ashamed.

  2. Are you kidding? Your pun is great. I've noticed I've got a bad habit of starting every post with a pun "The Simple Syrup Things In Life," "Rock Me Like a Hurricane" . . .what was I thinking?

  3. I like the ice orb - it will stop me from loading a bowl with ice, putting another bowl on top of it with fruits/dip/etc. and then forgetting about it and defeating the whole purpose. I also like the puns. I like you.

  4. The Ice Orb seems like a great alternative to getting one of the fancy ice makers mentioned in the article. It's like a french tickler for veggie dip! Sorry. Anyway, I agree that the crescent shaped cubes most freezers make usually have a weird flavor.