Friday, June 26, 2009


My favorite way to start the weekend during the summer months is to take the edge off with a little cocktail on the lanai. I call our porch a lanai, because it just makes it seem special.

Drinking Campari and soda seems special too. Campari is an Italian liqueur of herbs, plants and fruits. It has the strangest taste--I can't explain why I like it, but I like it. 

The drink in this picture is a mixture of Campari and soda. I added a slice of orange and a slice of lime. The back of the bottle says you can drink it with orange juice as well. 

I drink this in the summer. I've found I need to be careful with this drink because the secret blend of herbs, plants and fruits gives me a terrible headache if I overdo it. I'm SURE that won't be the case tonight. Happy Friday! Have a great hangover-free weekend.

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