Sunday, June 14, 2009

Joint Juice Glass Half Full Style

My knees have been hurting lately. This morning when I rolled out of bed it was like my knees weren't quite awake yet, and I almost fell over. I suppose a normal person would think about how they could eat better, exercise more. . . anything that would improve their health and help their knees. 

I, however, thought of a drink and stumbled down to the kitchen to mix it up. In my refrigerator there is a jar of really concentrated cherry juice you can buy at health food stores. It's supposed to help your joints--I'm not sure why, and I don't care why. The problem is it tastes too strong to drink on its own. 

But it tastes fantastic mixed with sparkling wine. For the drink pictured I mixed the cherry juice with JFJ Sparkling Almond Wine. The wine has natural almond flavoring. Since almonds are good for you too, mixing it with the cherry juice is a win/win. Plus the almond wine was under $10.

My knees feel better already. Now if I stumble I can blame it on being tipsy instead of being old.


  1. That does sound really good. I down that cherry juice straight though. It's intense.