Monday, June 29, 2009

My Kind of Arnold Palmer

Traditionally an Arnold Palmer is a mix of half iced tea and half lemonade. The Arnold Palmer pictured here is half lemonade and half Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea vodka.  

The Yacht Club is known to have the friendliest bartenders on Ingersoll. I tend to get along with all the bartenders on Ingersoll, but I have to say, Piper was very nice to mix this up for me and help me with my picture.

There was no harsh vodka feeling at all to this drink, even though almost half of it is the sweet tea vodka. It tasted very summery, and if I hadn't been trying to pace myself on this particular Saturday, I could have handled a larger glass. Piper said that's because this vodka is only 70 proof.

I've heard a lot about these tea vodkas lately. I'm sure mixologists have all sorts of tea drink ideas, but I feel like the Arnold Palmer is the only way I'd want to drink this stuff.


  1. Mmmm... this sounds refreshing! Everytime I hear their ads on the KRNT Cubs broadcast I am reminded that I really need to check out the yacht club.

  2. That makes me wanna move back to Georgia just to do some real cicada-music cardboard-church-fan porch sittin'. (That and this heavy Grizzly Bear "Cheerleader" song.)

  3. PS. Your word verfication comes up after-the-fact (what's with all the dashes?!) so I can't include what it was in my post (one of my quirky past times.) My last one was "coaul," what will I get this time?

  4. So now a bunch of us are hooked on these-- I think sew Zinski dubbed them 'Laura Palmers', the boozy version of the Arnold Palmer. Ha!

  5. I have now experienced the Amanda Palmer and I have fallen in love. I want to marry it and have, like, ten thousand of it's babies.

    Thank you Glass Half Full & hswell, for bringing it into my life. I am a better person now.

    1. Laura Palmers are a Twitter legend. People still tweet to me that they are drinking them to this day!